🍩 What does it mean to customize my bandana?
One of our favorite things about starting Doughtique, was the idea that we could make your bandana one-of-a-kind. We want you to love all of our fabrics and our collections of course - but, we really want you to love it specifically for your pet. When you add customization to your order, it means we are ready to take all the extra time & care to make sure your personalization is exactly what YOU want.

🍩 What options do I have?
The short answer - EVERYTHING. And if we don't, we most likely will do whatever we can to make it available to you. If you're not happy with the options, we won't create it until you are.
We're talking chrome, glitter, shimmer, holographic, animal print, tie dye & more

🍩 What fonts are available? 
We offer 20+ fonts, which does not include the holiday fonts we add each season. All current fonts are shown below. Our personal favorite and Doughtique signature being #1
🍩 I love the heart in the first font - can I use that with other fonts?
Yes, definitely. As we work with you to create the perfect version of your pet's name, Instagram handle, quote or more that you'd like on the bandana - just let us know you'd like the heart included.

🍩 I'm looking for a completely custom bandana - can you help?
Yes! 100%. Customizations are our favorite. We've created wedding bandanas, engagement bandanas, birthday bandanas and so much more. We have also created custom matching headbands and shirts to go with your pets custom bandana. Truly, the possibilities are endless. We recommend reaching out as early as possible if you are looking for a custom order for a special event - that way we have adequate time to create exactly what you are looking for! You can email us at with any questions or ideas.

🍩 How do I make my selections for what I want customized?
The most important part is to select YES or NO when you place your order on each bandana. Almost all bandanas allow personalization, however some fabrics don't. So make sure you check when adding to your cart.
Each bandana listing that you select yes for customization will give you space for all the details - list the name, idea, quote, font option, color ideas and any other details you might have in regards to your personalization. Keep an eye out on your Instagram DM's or email as we may reach out to you when we receive your order, to finalize everything (font, colors, etc.)

🍩 What colors do you offer for the personalization?
We LOVE the entire rainbow and offer almost every color you can think of. Whenever we create a new bandana collection, we also collect new vinyl colors to match. For example, when we came out with our Summer 2021 Collection, we added multiple new glitters to our variety and when we launched Retro Summer, we added lots of new holographic and neon colors. The limits are endless! If you're ever wondering if we offer a certain color, send us an email or DM and we'll be happy to send you lots and lots of video and photo of that particular option.