🍩 Bandana Sizing
All bandana sizes are based on your pet's neck circumference. We recommend using a measuring tape to get an accurate measurement before choosing what size to go with. We offer extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. We also offer custom sizing upon request. Some breeds have lots of neck floof (like Donut, our Chief Floof Officer) and in those cases we recommend sizing up if you are unsure or don't want the bandana to create a 'squeezing' look. 
Keep in mind all of our fabrics vary in type. For example, if you order several different bandanas, a stretchy bandana may seem slightly 'smaller' to the eye but when putting it on, may have a lot of stretch to it. All Doughtique bandanas are tie-on.

extra small - fits necks up to 8 inches
small - fits necks up to 11 inches
medium - fits necks up to 15 inches
large - fits necks up to 20 inches
extra large - fits necks up to 24 inches
If you still aren't 100% sure on what size to order for your pet, please refer to our sizing guide or contact us and we'll happily help you pick the best size for your pet. 

We also offer a snap add-on option for all of our bandanas. The snaps can add additional security for pet's that are always on the move. The snaps are also great if you feel your pet is between sizes - as it will add a few additional inches.
We recommend double knotting your bandana if you don't get the snap option. If you do get snaps, tying once and snapping works great!

🍩 Scrunchie Sizing
All scrunchies are one size fits all. 

🍩 Headband Sizing
All headbands are one size fits all. We offer an adult size and a baby size. We also offer custom sizing upon request. Please reach out by emailing us at prior to placing your order if you are looking for a custom size.