🍩 What is your current processing time?
Our processing time for all orders is 2 to 4 weeks. Everything is handmade to order. That does not include shipping time. Once we ship, it is out of our hands and the timing is determined by the carrier. All of our packages have tracking numbers in order for you to track your shipping time.

🍩 How long does shipping take?
Shipping times vary depending on the carrier. We always make sure all of our packages have tracking numbers for you to follow as soon as they are dropped off at the carrier. We use USPS and UPS. As soon as your package is shipped, you should receive an email with that tracking number letting you know it's on the way.

🍩 What size bandana should I order for my pet? 
You can browse our sizing page for a detailed description of how to order the best size.

🍩 How do I put my bandana on my dog?
We recommend tying a double knot on the extra inches at the ends of the bandana. If you order snaps, you can close with just the snap or you can tie and snap for extra security. Sometimes, we also like to roll the bandana 1 or 2 times from the top to find that perfect fit.

🍩 Can I put my bandana / headband / scrunchie in the washer & dryer? 
We do not recommend putting your items directly in the washer or dryer. All of our items are made from different types of fabric. Due to varying fabrics, each item is different. We recommend hand washing if necessary or spot cleaning, along with air drying. For further care instructions or specific questions on your items, please email us at hello@doughtique.com

🍩 Will you be coming out with other products?
Yes, definitely. Stay tuned for new product updates by subscribing to our email list and following along on our Instagram @Doughtique! If there is something specific you want us to carry, let us know, we love your recommendations.

🍩 How often do you launch new collections?
We launch a new full collection every season - summer, fall, winter, spring. We also have several smaller launches throughout the seasons depending on holidays and new products we're bringing to the store. We definitely recommend following along on our social channels for the most up to date launch notifications. But if you aren't on social media, that's okay too! Sign up for our email list and you will get exclusive VIP access on new products and collections prior to the public launch dates.

🍩 Do you have a model search coming up?
We are always open to new awesome pet accounts joining our team. We are always looking for accounts who genuinely love us and engage with us organically. Stay tuned for details & be sure to follow along on our Instagram @Doughtique for the latest updates!

🍩 Can my dog wear their bandana all the time?
We always recommend supervision when wearing any of our products. Remove your pets bandana before bed and do not leave them alone with it on.

🍩 How do I take care of my tumbler?
Hand wash your tumbler only. Do not put into the dishwasher and do not use any abrasive sponges when cleaning.